Why Aghan?

  • Even as a little girl I admired the breed. I loved to ride my Božence grandmother with her, I love staring out the window and watched the people walk on with dogs. There I was first attracted the breed its grandeur, beauty, beautiful walk, and its dominance. Well, it was decided that beautiful I buy a dog when I am big. Since then I've wanted nothing more than afgána. I had to wait a long time. First afgána I bought until I She married and had a husband for me to understand. Before, I was not meant to. This breed took me so much that it is behaving today, and nothing else can coexist I can not even imagine. Afgán is himself, proud to be his charm, his head it is also very nice and knows how to his master and loves it too terribly. Are just our
  • pets..
  • Now a short history of the Afghan Greyhound: We must never forget that afgán long ago used for hunting and mongering game. This feature can be genetically relevant. Called the

  • TAZI:
  • which means "he who runs"
  • Were less hair in Afghanistan to distinguish three different types.

  • whole body with abundant hair.

  • LUCHAH :
  • shorthaired

  • KALAGH :
  • has long silky hair on the ears, the thighs and legs, the rest of the body is shorthaired.
  • Own history of the modern Afghan greyhound begins in 1907, was Anglii.Kdy brought legendary

  • To England. He was pale colored with black maskou.A soon was considered the handsomest of Afghanistan Greyhound and became the prototype for the breed. According to him was written the first description of the breed.

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